Cockpit Panel Repair

Somewhere along the line this BN-2 had its cockpit panel hogged out.
Perhaps to provide more accces to the trunk area
or may be to have it look more like an "100-S"

Either way I got some help from the Healey Listers, some included
dimentioned photos so that i could properly fabircate this insert

Left Front OutRigger



All the other Outriggers were replaced but this one wasn't so bad so I just welded in a patch.

Weld Up New right rear Outrigger.
My First weld!

I have replaced the main Trunk Pan with a Kilmartin part and I have fabricated two inserts for the forward sections of the floor.

A new inner fender from British Car Specialist to the left.

oooh! Some Real problems here!
This piece won't fit right





The Latest Problem

Hopefully will be rectified by using this apparatus
to straighten the rear part of the main frame rails

Ok So Yeah it worked - And I got a few kinks in the frame bottom -I guess I went a little to far to fast - Well I used a little technique for pulling jack marks out of the bottom of the frame rails to fix the kinks -Now everything loks OK and te Doors line up.


Below are some images of the front cross member repair.
The smaller black bar was welded in temporarily to
suppor the front forks while the member was cut out.

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